::City Edition::

::City Edition::

so much to update. the last two days have been on crazy city excursion after another. taxis, museums, subways, shake shack and all of the chaos in between. and we will update, but tonight I wanted to share about our little budding evangelist. this kid right here. every bus and train we have been on the routine is the same. he looks around and grabs a seat across from us next to a stranger. and the conversation goes something like this:

“hi. what’s your name? I’m thomas. do you have God in your heart? I have God in my heart. you want to know the best part? when you die, you get to go to heaven and you get to SEE GOD.” the conversation then proceeds to things like whether or not they like florida better than new york. do they have a dog, and other cute little kid question like that. chris and I just sit there watching him with tears in our eyes smiling and wishing we could be more like our 5 year old who has a heart for people who don’t have God in their hearts.

to borrow a phrase from thomas, you want to know the best part? each time we get to our stop and leave the bus or train, he makes sure he knows their name. then each night at dinner thomas prays for his new “friends” and asks God to come in their heart. so far we have asked God to meet and save Lisa, Elaine, Kim and “some guy who was spanish or another language that I do not know”…

and just so you know, we didn’t teach him this. this would not be a strength of mine or Chris’s that he has picked up. this is evidence of our Savior working on a tender little 5 year old heart. just had to share… 🙂


8 thoughts on “::City Edition::

  1. Beautiful example to us all! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy the City…it’s crazy, but has a beauty all it’s own. Make sure you visit the Museum of Natural History…you can be in there for a week and still not see everything! Chinatown is also nice, but watch where you step. =) Little Italy was slowly being infiltrated by Chinatown, so I’m not sure if it’s still there. But, if it is, find Ferraro’s for the best canoli’s you’ve ever tasted!
    They have espresso too, if you like the taste of hot dirt. 😉 There is also a 2 story Barnes and Noble there…I think it’s somewhere near the business district…we used to go there on Saturdays with our homegroup in NJ. The business district is nice and quiet on the weekend…a fun walk.
    Missing and praying for you all!

    • Great ideas, Roxanne! Thank you so much! We have a list so long that I doubt we’ll get to do everything on it 🙂 Little Italy is still around so I here… 🙂

  2. That is awesome! So exciting to see God working in Thomas and through him! You really never know when a cute little innocent question from him could start someone’s heart towards God! Thanks for sharing!

    • I know! That’s what Chris and I were talking about… who knows if they might start thinking or what seeds have already been planted that a simple question like that stirs up. 🙂

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