::City Edition::

our city life thus far. in pictures.


little man in the big city. {when he gets tired of the apartment, we let him roam the halls. our neighbors love us.}


My first outside run on the island. I learned two things: ice is, indeed, very slippery. when your nose is numb you can’t always tell that there is snot dripping down your face. {yes, I said snot.}


front load washers are where it’s at. {yes, charlie lives in footy pi’s}


my view from our apartment. 17 degrees with -5 degree wind chill. I’ll stay with charlie, thank you very much.Image

snow angels or double homicide?


hello, bergdorf goodman. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to afford anything you have within your lovely store windows, but I feel compelled to go in…


the park plaza hotel. { $5 bucks says you just thought of home alone 2 and kevin’s recorder…}


{one of the} worlds largest toy store? done and done.


blurry children have the most fun.


charlie can’t be bothered. he’s jamming out on the big piano at FAO Shwartz.


he approves. 🙂


oh and this. see that self-satisfied, hey-mom-I’m-so-cool-look-at-me smirk? yeah. this little minion learned to climb up the {very high} ladder to the top bunk today.


and then dumped out a whole box of crayons. but he said “uh-ooohh” in a really cute way and “helped” pick them up, so we forgave him.


oh, and if you come and visit us and can’t find charlie in our little two bedroom apartment, you might want to look here…


in his favorite hiding spot. the cabinet.


strange little monkey.

The lovely “polar vortex” has kept us hanging inside mostly. and tomorrow’s chilling 7 degrees will probably find us holed up again. but that’s ok, because we keep busy – today’s “keep busy” games consisted of mario kart tournaments on the wii, “pull the baby around on the rug” {an original game, let me know if you want the official rules and we can make them up for you}, chuckling while thomas tries to do the one-legged chair pose during yoga, and fishing out the burnt chunks from the huge pot of chili that mommy forgot to watch closely because she forgot that she’s cooking on a gas stove.

Chris had a much more eventful day – between working his first day shift {no more night shift, thank the, Lord!}, sharing that crazy wrap thing with his new-coworkers { #ItWorks }, “stopping by” target {when will we learn that there is no.such.thing.as.stopping.by.}, jogging from the train. to the bus stop. missing the bus. then taking the taxi one mile to the tram. waiting for the tram that just left to get back because the other one is out of service. remembering to go by the liquor store for chardonnay because for some senseless reason there are no liquor stores on the island and the grocery store only sells beer. arriving home freezing cold and ready for dinner at 11:00p.m. {and no, he didn’t even complain about the burnt bits in the chili.}

so from our {somewhat frozen but mostly cozy} home to yours, goodnight.


{what we do when chris doesn’t get home till late 🙂 }

::City Edition::

I like blogs. I really do. I just have never really been  good about keeping one up. I like the idea of it, but I think it’s mostly due to the fact that in my normal day to day there’s just no.time. like no time. none at all. aside from that, I’ve always wondered who would want to read my mundane musings on day to day life…

BUT thanks to the encouragement of some friends and family, and now that we’re on a fun adventure that I want to make sure to document. add a slower pace of life  – and yes, I get the irony of coming to the city that never sleeps to enjoy some peace and quiet from a relaxed schedule – I figured I’d start up the ole’ blog again. so take it or leave it, here is  “the good, the bad, and the mostly cute but sometimes ugly: city edition”.

today. 1/01/14. what did we do on our first full day in the city, you ask? woke up withOUT the help of an alarm clock. snuggled my babies and sipped some coffee. tried to read and pray while being distracted by the kids hilarious antics as they flailed about and tried to learn how to work the wii, one of their fave christmas presents. after a quick lunch, we gathered the hats, gloves, scarves and coats and prepared to go out to do some leisurely shopping and take the kids on their first train ride. stopped off at Lexington and 5th to grab some starbucks (the kids can down a hot chocolate in 7.2 seconds) before hopping on a transfer to get us closer to some shopping in the heart of upper east side. we walked, chatted, held hands and window shopped until the temperature started to drop. then we hailed a cab to drop us at the sky tram under queensboro bridge (the kids favorite… mine too!) to ferry us over the east river and get us back to Roosevelt Island, our little home away from home.

Sounds lovely and peaceful, almost like something from a movie, eh? well, while all of these things DID happen and there were moments that were just splendid, allow me to fill in between the lines and give you a real life view of city life with three Florida babies…

yes. we did wake up without an alarm clock. but that was mostly due to the fact that charlie woke up at the crack of dawn as he often does when sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings. there was snuggling and coffee sipping, however the snuggling came to an abrupt halt when charlie started playing one of his favorite games, “splash in mommy’s coffee cup”. while watching sophie and thomas learn how to work the wii was very funny to watch, the refereeing in between games when soph beat thomas or thomas didn’t want to play that game anymore wasn’t fun at all. the “quick lunch” and gathering of hats, gloves and other various cold weather outerwear wasn’t quick at all. mostly because leaving the house in ANY climate with three kids is never quick. and also because we have no high chair for charlie yet so feeding him meant we took turns following him around and shoving bites of PB&J in his mouth. and that first train ride?? I’ll be happy if I never ride the subway again. it definitely smells like a public rest room, and the getting on this train-getting off to transfer onto another-up these stairs-down that escalator-on that train, etc was just.plain.stressful. when we finally got to our destination, the “leisurely strolling” was due mostly in part to sophie and thomas who were cold to the bone and tired of walking. the hand holding was actually chris and I, holding the kids hands and pulling them along while we coaching them to not complain because “this what you do in NY, you walk”. and the window shopping? yeah, apparently EVERY STORE in the city is closed on new years day. like, every place we tried to go. closed. ha! we ended up taking a cab back because we were tired of hearing the kids complain through chattering teeth. that and charlie’s snot was starting to freeze on his poor little nose…

🙂 I share these two stories not to gain any pity, but simply to keep it real. both versions are absolutely true. there were beautiful, lovely moments amidst the chaos of learning to navigate the city and talking to the kids – as well as ourselves – about how we need to watch our hearts when things don’t go the way we want them to. we can be miserable about what we didn’t get to do, the plans that seemingly fell apart, the baby that cried during the entire 20 minute cab ride or the constant sore throats and runny nose that accompany cold weather. or we can choose to be thankful for the memories we are making, laughing at our mistakes and soaking up every minute of growing closer as a family on this once in a lifetime adventure.

so tonight, with the city lights twinkling in the distance, I’m cozying up – wearing multiple layers and blasting the heat – and choosing joy, because today really was a lot of fun. 🙂

::City Edition::

our first day. in pictures.



just off the plane. blurry because that is how we roll.


first ride in a taxi.



“what the he%# are these people thinking” – charlie


sky tram under queensboro bridge.


ok. this city really is kind of amazing.


happy new year. no, we did not take the children to Times Square. we prefer to watch miley twerk from the comfort of our warm apartment.


“mom, I love New York. they have so many stair houses.” – soph


we take turns holding charlie. it’s like carrying a little space heater. a very cute space heater.


my favorite street on the upper east side. 72nd and 3rd. (see? I already have the lingo down and everything.)


This little guy was such a trooper. he was so happy, he never complained about the cold. either that or his face was too numb to move.


“mom, take our picture next to this crazy plant.” – thomas

friday favs.

it’s Friday. ::woot::

who doesn’t love Friday? the sweet sense of accomplishment as you look back at your massive to-do list that you were able to whip into submission hopefully stress-free week (hey, we got through it, right?), combined with the prospect of a fresh, unspoiled weekend ahead.  ahhh. ::happy sigh::

this weekend is going to be especially sweet as this was our first full, official week of homeschool. granted, we’re only working on pre-school and kindergarten level this year, but with my fresh set of lesson plans and a newly made chore chart it certainly felt official. my typically footloose and fancy free kids have done a phenomenal job of learning to sit still for 5 – 7 minutes at a time (thomas) and are beginning to grasp that the hardest part of learning is realizing that at the ripe old age of 5-almost-6 there are, in fact, a few things you still don’t know (sophia). so what with the full week of school, and the many outings and playdates my friends and family have kindly helped out with while I’m bedrestin’ it, my munchkins are excited about their “saturday show morning” where they get to eat treat cereal – aka any cereal that comes out of a box and isn’t oatmeal or one of mom’s homemade-masonjar-cereals -. apparently my little foodies palate isn’t as cultured as I thought it was; they’ve had no problem adjusting to a different diet + way more take out than they’re used to. not that it hasn’t affected their health and behavior, but that’s a different post altogether…

now as I wish you a Happy Friday and get back to our lazy afternoon of coloring and playing angry birds the board game, I’ll leave you with a few of my friday favs.:

even though the 80+ degree weather might not feel very fall-ish, munching on my latest pregnancy craving, Starbucks’ pumpkin scone definitely helps me pretend fall is in the air. looking forward to trying this yummy copy cat recipe when I can bake again.

speaking of fall, one of my favorite time wasters while confined to the couch is perusing the internet for fun, autumn additions to my closet. currently loving this one.

bed rest has also been helpful in my quest to perfect the DIY manicure – definitely my favorite new hobby

so thankful for the truth expounded in this book. my trust in the Lord has been challenged and forced to grow through these little daily readings.

and lastly… these are definitely two of my favorites:

enjoy the weekend!


Wednesday again.

part of me is like “already?” and the other impatient, pregnant, uncomfortable, anxious to get off the couch part of me is like “that’s it?!”

as previously posted, wednesday is the last day of my pregnancy week, so I’m happy to see it come and even happier to see it go. Bring on Thursday and 35 weeks! at this point, we have two weeks to go until full term. I’ve been feeling quite a bit of commotion recently including contractions and strange twinges, pressure and other lovely things that I won’t bother to mention. needless to say, 37 weeks cannot.come.soon.enough. don’t get me wrong, children are a blessing from the Lord and we are thrilled God has chosen to give us Sophia, Thomas and now Charlie to add to our family. we wouldn’t have it any other way. but may I just say that pregnancy is not all it’s cracked up to be?

yes. that’s right. pregnancy sucks.

don’t be fooled by all the propaganda out there, people. yes, the ability to give birth is a miracle, but it sure as heck isn’t beautiful. sure, there are some women out there who may breeze through their 9 months of baby-making bliss, and come out on the other side ready to do it all over again. but I personally take no joy in the nausea, the swelling, the fact that you get to spend more than half the day in the bathroom due to the constant need to go. don’t forget about the sleepless nights, the delightful itchy sensation that comes from your stomach rapidly expanding to the point of (feels like) breaking. then there’s the lovely shifting of your organs as your sweet bambino grows and pushes your stomach into your throat and sits on your lungs…

I love my babies, I do. but can I say again how thankful I am that we’re nearing the home stretch. (can I get an, amen?)

in the meantime, I have these two crazies to help pass the time:

can’t wait to add baby Charlie to the mix.


Thank God it’s Wednesday.

typically, Wednesday is not my favorite. midweek, it hits just far enough away from last weekend to be able to effectively excuse laziness as “weekend recoup” and not quite close enough to the coming weekend to get excited about. However, for the past 8 months, Wednesday has held a certain charm…

8 months ago, we found out we were *surprise!* pregnant with baby number 3. don’t get me wrong, we always knew we wanted another one, but since I tend to have difficult, bed rest begins at 18 weeks with numerous specialist visits and includes expensive prescription meds to keep contractions away including painful as heck, weekly progesterone shots in the behind high-maintenance pregnancies, we were hoping to get a little further into the new year than we did. of course, after the initial shock wore off, all four of us were beyond excited.

getting back to Wednesdays; as each week has brought us closer to meeting the newest, tiniest member of our family – not to mention the fact that my poor couch is looking a little more worn than it did 16 weeks ago – time has seemed to move slowly. very slowly. painfully slowly. a so slow-motion that the earth must be rotating backwards, are we there yet kind of slow… the only bright, shimmering spot on the horizon of my ever-lingering pregnancy calendar is that Thursdays mark the beginning of a new pregnancy week.

So today. on Wednesday – most glorious of days – I prepare to bid farewell to 33 weeks and graduate into my 34th week. tomorrow, our little trooper Charles (Baby Charlie, for short) will be 2 weeks and 5 days – but who’s counting, right? – away from being considered full term. from that point on, he can safely come into the world any day. hopefully, he waits a little longer and gives me time to be able to, oh I don’t know, enjoy the luxury of walking around my home. preparing food for my family. maybe even give me time to clean in between my couch cushions – I know, crazy thinking, right?  -.

we’re so close, I can almost taste it… speaking of taste, I could so go from some spicy peanut sauce right now. I wonder if there are any good Thai take out places nearby… ?